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Man, I'm in this teapot and I can feel the tempest already brewing. It'll be November 8th when the new (half hour long!) episodes of Metalocalypse start airing. The album is out, the boys are touring, and lately, there's been a great demand for attention in fandomsecrets and fandomwide.

This is what happened last season, too. The album came out, the boys started touring, and people got antsy to see season two. So antsy, in fact, that they started getting riled up and began to start throwing temper tantrums over the littlest things. Things got out of control in the fandom and eventually, our fen was strifey and gross.

So I'm seeing it occur again.

Okay, I love tolerate everyone in this fandom with as much tolerant sweetness as I can muster, and I feel like I should say my two cents' worth. Mind you, this is only opinion. I am opining. This am not facts. I ain't reads about it on the webberblag.

1. Nobody cares about who you ship or who you don't. There's 5 band members, 1 Ofdensen, and a plethora of other people to choose from, mostly male. No. Body. Cares. The fandom is small and yes, there's various OTPs, but ship wars are fucking retarded and your ship doesn't mean jack, honestly. Unless and until there's some canonical proof that any of them sucks a dick, stop bitching.

2. If you do not contribute to the fandom, do not bitch about those who do. It's a pretty simple thing. There have been EPIC failures at life in the fandom who HAVE contributed, but they're doing more than you backseat drivers. Driving out talent will make this fandom rot.

3. By dramabombing the community with your own petty remarks, you too, are cheapening the fun. Good job.

4. Your e-penis is no larger than my thumb. My e-penis wraps around the world a few times. This mentality will get me and others so pissed off, you have no idea. Please refrain from being THAT guy. You suck, they suck, we all suck a big fat dick. Everyone here is equal.

5. Please stop bickering about OCs now. Your OC sucks. My OC sucks. They're all fail and awful and bad. Even if they're pretty and well written. They are the same level of shitty. Every single one of them. Even Teja. Even Nix. Even Janet. There! That solves that. (Note: I do not believe a word of what I just wrote, but for the sake of argument, if someone bitches about another OC, I will bring this up)

6. Only Brendon and Tommy know. You don't. Stop deluding yourself.

7. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED BY THE MIGHTY METAL OVERLORDS. Remember, they have internet access and wi-fi on their busses. Who's to say that they're NOT surfing your porn.

8. Yeah, I ran out of things to say.

So anyway, that's my take on it. Feel free to kick my ass in comments.


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