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It was a winter night like any other. No significant correspondence of dates, no particular time of night. Well, actually, now that I think about it, it was 1:27am, because I'd looked at the clock. I was listening to a song I listened to a hundred times before. I was reading a book while the music played and suddenly I heard the sounds outside my window. As you all know, winter nights are especially quiet, and any sound that's made can be heard with pin-dropping Old Sprint Commercial clarity. I stood and set my book down on the bedside table as I opened the curtains in my room. Looking around, I saw nothing. I heard. Nothing.

Figuring it was just snow falling off the branches of the trees, I went back to my bed and sat down. I ran a hand through my hair, rubbed my face. Clearly, I had just overreacted. My friends always tell me I overreact to the weirdest things. Just as I sat back and picked up my book, however, I heard it again. This time, I caught what the sound was with better clarity. It sounded like footsteps through the new snow, and it was just outside the house. It couldn't have been anyone out there, so late at night. My roommates were all asleep, two of them had work in the morning, and the third had a class. I was the only one awake. It couldn't have been our dogs, either, because my best friend made the rule that when people go to bed, it's dog bedtime, too.

Who or what was outside? I climbed back out of my bed and I walked to the window once more, the pane of glass still frosted slightly from the humidity of the house clashing with the bitter chill of the cold outside. I peeked through the curtain and there I saw it standing.

It wasn't a person, of this much I can attest. People's legs don't bend like that things legs were bent. It was as if somehow, a deer had decided to stand on all fours, but that was only the bottom half. I couldn't make out details of its form, only the vague shape of its body. It had claws at the end of its long, thin, frightening arms, and its head. Its head was an intangible mass of black churning... something. It was hard to say. But when it saw the light shining down from my window, its head snapped up and it pierced me with a stare. its eyes were glowing. Not an ominous red, not a sickly green. It was as if its eyes were like tiny, freakish halogen bulbs, shining back up at me, as my room's light shone down on it. It wasn't the light of its eyes that scared me, nor was it the body of this grotesque figure. It was the sound of its thoughts barrelling into my head, as if I were being forced to hear every single memory of this horrifying creature. I could hear tormented screams of women and children, the wet, sickening sound of a man choking on his own blood as he tried to gasp for lifegiving air. I could literally see in my mind, a million tortured bodies, writhing in agony. But yet, I couldn't look away. The thing had me locked in stunned, abject fear.

It turned its eyes back down and all I was left with was a single, horrific thought. Not a thought of my own, for it was tinged with blood, with fire, and with malice surpassing all hatred I'd ever witnessed.


I had to pry my fingers away from the cloth of the curtain, the sensations, the memories, everything about it had me whiteknuckling the drape as a form of life support, a tangible THING that I could cling to as real. I stepped away from the window, and stepped out of my room. I couldn't sleep.

I haven't slept.

It's been three days, and I haven't slept. I still recall all those visions and sounds and scents that the thing had forced into my mind.
I haven't slept because I know it wasn't lying. I have to protect them. I have to keep them alive. Safe. Away from the thing. But I know that it's still out there, whether or not they or I can see it. It's out there. Waiting.
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