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I named 48 US states in 10 minutes How many US states can you name in 10 minutes?
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brb allergies XP
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I'm going to recount the tale of WHY WON'T YOU GODDAMN DIE???

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Sometimes, I even draw cute things.

Baby!Cassidy and some random puppything. I'm sure Teague and Brenda know a person with a collie/spaniel mix.
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So real life took a turn for the hellish yesterday afternoon. My son was running around the house, and then he tripped and fell on a glass, which broke and sliced through his chin and lower lip to a degree where it went through muscle and nerves. I screamed when I first saw it, and within 20 seconds, I was on the phone with 911, and putting a towel over the gaping, bleeding facial wound. I have never seen anything more horrific. I watch gore/horror movies for fun, remember, and this scared me more than anything.

So we went to the emergency room, and there, I called his dad. My husband took only a half hour to get from his work (about an hour's drive) to the hospital.

It was a whole night ordeal. They brought my son to the O.R. and for two long, harrowing hours, my husband and I waited, hoping for the best. It was a long, scary two hours.

He came out of it, groggy and stoned from the anesthesia, all fixed up. He spent the night in the hospital, so did I, as a matter of course.
He was an out-patient at approximately 11:00 AM, and we went and got the things done we were planning on doing today and yesterday - we got him signed up and enrolled in kindergarten (he's starting a week or so late to provide time to heal), and he went to the dentist to see what they could do about the teeth that got knocked loose during his accident.

All in all? I would never wish my past 24 hours on any living person.

The good news is, Connor, with 70 stitches, two splints, and a chin bandage that could be the envy of the Hollywood Debutante Cleft Chin Brigade, was a trooper through it all. If he weren't in so much pain, he would have been totally placid with the whole experience. He said, "It's just like House!" and took the whole way more better than his mom. Good for him. He also won't have much more than a scar up his chin, which will gain him a prized and coveted nickname of Indy. He loves Indiana Jones. And with Harrison Ford's chin scar? Yeah, it totally fits.
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Why hey! It's been a pleasant 4th of July. One filled with excitement, craziness, and a little bit of simming. Come look around Spencer's new digs for the UTRverse.
Le Tour. )
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[19:30] Sarah: ... why does Tim McGraw have a cologne?
[19:30] Sarah: He doesn't look like he'd smell good.
[19:32] me: ahahaha it's like if Brad Pitt had a deodorant.
[19:32] Sarah: Yeah, I'm all "... I don't want to sniff that dude."
[19:32] me: SMELL THIS DUDE
[19:32] Sarah: XD!
[19:32] me: no.
[19:32] me: no I don't wanna
[19:32] Sarah: OR LIKE, A REALITY SHOW
[19:32] Sarah: It could be on right after Fear Factor.
[19:35] me: It'd be like the worst wine tasting ever.
[19:35] me: the sudden round would be LICK THAT DUDE
[19:35] Sarah: ... I would so watch this.
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I got bored.

I drew Cass'...


Yes. I went ahead and tried to do a photorealistic eye. Decided on Cassidy's, because his eyes are a pretty color.


TMI time!

8/6/09 22:12
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You know what I hate? The shits that make you feel like you're smuggling depleted uranium up your ass, and when you shit them out, they make a horrible plunk noise into the water and then sink. I've been getting shits like that for the past six months and I sure as hell don't know why.

I dunno why I feel this is important to tell the internet, but I needed to say something before the depleted uranium crap secret completely ruined me.
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[09:49] Me: (732): You know, Peter Parker would not have been nearly as cool if he had gotten bitten by an ant.
[09:49] Sterling: This is true.
[09:49] Me: or a june bug
[09:49] Me: or a moth.
[09:50] Sterling: Caterpillar
[09:50] Me: dude, Peter Parker as a moth-man and he's all distracted by the street lights when he's off to save the day and he just bonks against them repeatedly.
[09:50] Sterling: XD!!
[09:50] Me: flying all stupidlike
[09:51] Me: My BRIGHT THING SENSE is tingling!
[09:51] Me: one day he tries day crimefighting and tries flying into the sun.
[09:52] Me: ... yeah, it's a damn good thing it was a spider.
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Sindre was dropped into an interesting home. He replaced a pack rat fashion designer who lived in West Stockholm. The house and most of its contents are ancient and about 80 percent of the place, when Sindre first dropped into the world, was stacked with stuff. Old magazines, knick-knacks and your average Old Stuff. Even the attic was jam-packed. But after some work, he gets most of the stuff out of his place and is ready to start refurbishing the furniture and old stuff he keeps.

Here's the house, post-clutter.

Come join us! )
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meme::: go to and type in your answers to the following questions. post a definition it gives you.

Name: Sage
Word entered to the email field of a *chan (iichan, 4chan, 2chan, etc) message board so that the post is not bumped. It is Japanese for 'to lower.' It is the opposite of 'age' (ah-gay), which means to raise.
SAGE this piece of shit

Age: 26
750ml of alky
1 mickey + 1 mickey = a 26

Friend: Sarah
A hero, a friend, a sexy peice of ass
whoes that girl over their with that toad in her hand?
oh thats my friend sarah, isn't she a sexy peice of ass?
Yeah; what a hero.

Should be doing: Chores
A word used to disguise the act of masturbation while online.
hey dude brb i gotta do some chores

Favorite Color:
An umpire (in baseball), referring to the uniform color.
"Good call blue. Got it right for once."

Birth Place: Wisconsin
A state that consumes more alcohol and has a higher people-to-bar ratio then any other state in the country.
Living in Wisconsin has taught me how to replace water with beer.

Birth Month:
An excellent time of year where the snow is beautiful, the weather is cold, and the closer you get to the end of the month the more your birthday sucks.

If your birthday is very close to Christmas, it is okay to hate your birthday.
I and four other people in my family have birthdays in December, all around Christmas. I hate my birthday.

Last Person Spoken to: Mom
the number 1 butt of moronic jokes
yo mamma

(There was nothing for Curiously High, so here, have the definition for genderfucked)
Not conforming to the gender binary; presenting or identifying as something other than a guy or a girl. May be used to describe androgyny. This term is used in the transgender community, though not everyone who refers to themselves as "genderfucked" also identifies as transgender, and vice-verse. The word is very seldom used in a derogatory sense, and genderfucked individuals usually describe themselves as such.
"I'm so genderfucked. I picked the name Morgan because it can be a guy's or a girl's name."
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Sarah: My mom is trying to get me to drink.  XD
Me: Tell her no. That you have webbernets to be sober at.
Sarah: I don't actually like drinking much.  I drink maybe once a year.  I drank in college.
Me: Drinking's not something I dig.
Sarah: I had one rim and coke last week, that was the first drink I had this year.
Sarah: Rum
Me: rim lol
Sarah: Wtf rim and coke
Sarah: Not while my family is around, phone!
Sarah: Soren does too, he's all I love that drink!
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Stolen from banned jackass on y!gallery who was under 18. Let's see how I live up to teenage standards of 'purity', shall we?

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[10:17] loved too well: Condor's cute but he'd make me blink so hard.
[10:17] Alexia The Gaian: LOL Condor. Niiiice one, phone spelling
[10:18] loved too well: .... Who texts the word condor ever?
[10:18] loved too well: Lol
[10:19] loved too well: It was ducking huge
[10:19] loved too well: No
[10:19] loved too well: Fuck not duck
[10:19] Alexia The Gaian: .... LMAO
[10:19] Alexia The Gaian: I CALL FOWL PLAY ON YOUR PHONE
[10:20] loved too well: I am laughing way too hard at work!
[10:20] loved too well: Lolol
[10:20] loved too well: Curse you BlackBerry!
[10:20] loved too well: Duck I have to work again bbiab

I decide now that this requires its own tag. "oh cellphones"
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[04:29] Me: WHAT
[04:30] Sarah: ... i don't get docking in general, but uh.
[04:30] Sarah: Proportions are a little.  um.  wonky.
[04:30] Me: the dicks are hilarious
[04:31] Sarah: That's probably the only thing they can do.
[04:31] Sarah: With their crazy funnel-headed cocks.
[04:31] Me: LMAO
[04:31] Me: Josh had to be assured that I don't look at y!gallery to be turned on.
[04:31] Me: I was all "No, I come here because the art is FUNNY"
[04:31] Sarah: Is your laughter helping?
[04:31] Me: yes.
[04:31] Me: yes it is.
[04:31] Sarah: and wtf is up with their balls?
[04:31] Me: I KNOW
[04:32] Sarah: Is that a tooth or a sac?
[04:32] Sarah: I CAN'T TELL
[04:32] Me: ... it's a COMMISSION
[04:33] Me: the bandana guy's dick looks like it's EATING THE OTHER GUY'S DICK. FORESKIN FIRST.
[04:33] Sarah: OMNOMNOM
[04:33] Sarah: WAIT WUT
[04:33] Me: and whose head is peeking out, bandana guy or brown hair guy.
[04:33] Sarah: brown hair guy.
[04:33] Sarah: wait
[04:33] Sarah: no
[04:33] Sarah: I don't know!
[04:33] Me: and please note that bandana guy's balls are AS BIG AS BROWN GUY'S ASS
[04:34] Sarah: It's like that "vases or human faces" picture.
[04:34] Sarah: ... his ball.  He's only got one.
[04:34] Sarah: I know she thinks she drew two, but she didn't.
[04:34] Me: UNIBALL
[04:35] Sarah: *flails*  I am laughing so hard Herrmann woke up.  XD
[04:35] Me: XD
[04:35] Sarah: I just like that they continued the swordfight.
[04:35] Me: lol
[04:36] Sarah: "Hey, wanna rub dicks and make out?"  "Yeah, but we gotta keep fighting, can't look gay."
[04:36] Me: LMAO
[04:36] Me: *copypasta to the IJ*
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I GOT A JOB AS A HELPER MONKEY ON Y!GALLERY my life is like, full of glee right now.

Also: Have some cutty Teja. I made it worksafe for you. Might be not mind safe, though. Lines by Sacha.