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My musebox! For use by my puppets, for their day to day trivial jabbering.

Incidentally, they do a lot of that. Like, a lot.
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It has come to my attention that a few friends probably haven't seen the collabs that Sacha and I did of Cassidy. Mostly because I frequently only post my art to yGallery. Soooo here's some of that stuff. Some are banana stickered for... obvious reasons.

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Why hey! It's been a pleasant 4th of July. One filled with excitement, craziness, and a little bit of simming. Come look around Spencer's new digs for the UTRverse.
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Sindre was dropped into an interesting home. He replaced a pack rat fashion designer who lived in West Stockholm. The house and most of its contents are ancient and about 80 percent of the place, when Sindre first dropped into the world, was stacked with stuff. Old magazines, knick-knacks and your average Old Stuff. Even the attic was jam-packed. But after some work, he gets most of the stuff out of his place and is ready to start refurbishing the furniture and old stuff he keeps.

Here's the house, post-clutter.

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Due to Cass dancing to the most ridiculous songs in history, and the whole HIPS ZOMG controversy at Y!gallery, I scribbled up this shit:
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Drew a thing.

Here it be.

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Alexia The Gaian: However, I'm sure he'd be okay with having another person to demand things from.
Sterling: Which would make Keller go: "pft, do it yourself, you've got arms."
Shake: You are the WORST sidekick.
Keller: Fuck that, I ain't a sidekick.  YOU'RE the sidekick.
Shake: You can't be anything BUT a sidekick, for you? You have no experience in heroic work! I've been doing hero work for twenty years! You're the sidekick.
Shake: *offers him a teeshirt* It comes with a teeshirt. *The teeshirt reads SYDKIK*
Shake: No, see, that's actually the way heroes spell things. We're advanced. We don't need superfluous letterage, that and the guys at the silk screening place make you pay by the letter.
Keller: and hate to break it to you guy, but most people here are heroes. It's cool and it sucks all at the same time.
Shake: Aw shit, really?
Shake: *sighs* We could... make a band, then!
Keller: Bunch of those jerks around too.
Shake: Oh, that's just great. Just fuckin' ... Let's just go pay the homeless to take part in a shopping cart derby down that hill over there.
Keller:... awesome.
Shake: Yes. Yes it is.
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Alexia The Gaian: So I just decided who Shake replaced
loved too well: who?
Alexia The Gaian: he's replaced a douchebag kid from some Old Money family. He's supposed to be in university right now but even the kid he replaced was all "LOL what"
loved too well: XD
loved too well: I'm sure he was supposed to go to Cornell!
Alexia The Gaian: The only reason he's still enrolled is because his parents are paying off the school
Alexia The Gaian: so he's all "Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm getting straight As, and all I do? Is drink! So I must be doing something right.
loved too well: XD
Shake: College is easy.
Frylock: *grits his teeth* If you don't go, yeah.
Shake: Go where? *drinking a slurpee*
Frylock: To class. *trying to read*
Shake: Class? Class is for school. I already did school! College is different, college is constant frat parties and loose sorority chicks shaking their yabbos in my face! Totally different.
Frylock: Right. Here I thought that college was lectures and labs and cramming and all-night paper writing.
Shake: Boy were you off the mark!
Frylock: Yeah, guess I was. *keeps reading*
Shake: *eyes him* Why are you reading?
Frylock: Oh, I don't know, the acquisition of knowledge.
Shake: You can get that from the TV! And yeah, funny thing, I heard? I heard that reading makes your eyes even worse. And you're already what, technically legally blind? Am I right? So what does it matter what kind of supposed "knowledge" is in that book! Get the DVD!
Shake: But not!
Shake: During my TV time.
Shake: *wanders off to go watch more TV*
Frylock: Is the DVD going to teach me advanced physics? No! ... sometimes there's tits in books. *still idly trying to get Shake to read*
Shake: *mockingly* Sometimes there's tits in books. Listen to yourself, you depraved nerd! You're hallucinating boobs.
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Ah yes, my simming is complete. At least, in way of the illustrious Skwigelf Cabin, located just north of Stockholm, Sweden, on the coast of the sea. Do take a look!

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I have revamped and reinstated my RP journal for GLaDOS here:
Please go visit her!
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If I haven't already directed your attention to it, there's a new game in town. You don't have to worry about showing up once and never showing up again, either. It's a dressing room, so you're not obligated to post or make activity checks or even be a member!

Here is ye old link.
Passing Notes
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Long post is long so most of it's going under a cut.