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Does not caring about people I don't know make me a bad person?

A couple years ago, an overpass lost its barrier, and the barrier fell down onto the highway below, smashing and instantly killing a minivan full of people. Yes, this is sad and tragic for the family, and it sucks. However? My main concern was "Wow, that sucks for the people who have to clean that shit up."

Yes. I see it in that light. That it sucks for the living people who have to clean up the tons of metal and bodies and blood. It sucks for the commuters that use that highway to get from home to work, and from work to home.

I do not see it as a reason to get upset. So when I was told this, and I reacted thusly, why's that make me a bad person? The person telling me this story wasn't related to these other people in any way - if they were, my heart would have gone out to the person telling me - and I wasn't related to them. So why am I suddenly the bad guy for not telling them OH HOW HORRIBLE THAT ENTIRE FAMILY DIED.

I had fairly much the same reaction on 9/11.  I knew nobody in the tragedy, I knew nobody who knew anybody in the tragedy, and for that matter, that day I was being kicked out of my apartment by a psycho roommate because I was dating someone she didn't like.

Point is this - Fuck giving a shit about people I don't know. Sure, they might have been awesome people, but they weren't awesome enough that I knew them. So fuck 'em if they die.
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I'm bored of Y!Gallery. I love that they're tyrannical assholes and all, but yeah. My paranoia, she be latent.

So here's where I'm keepin' all the swank -- My new Flickr account
It's got a heapin' helpin' of NSFW stuff, so don't go there if your grandma/boss/little sister/homophobic stepdad are in the room. If you don't like seeing fictional metal characters jerkin' the gherkin, I suggest you steer clear, yourself.

I may just quit Y! and move on to more flickry pastures. I may just use my Y! account to upload pictures I did with Hallo and my writing. Buuuut who knows? I might just say "screw you, go eat a dick" and hide over here for the rest of eternity.

My devianTART gallery is still the same, and always will be. Free of porn.

Anyway, wow, what a way to herald in the more convenient use of my IJ, rite? I mean... I'm always on IJ anyway, what with all my pups being over in UTR.


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