9/3/16 21:49
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 So, critters I play.

As of 3/9/16, here's my cast list


Eridan Ampora (In three exciting flavors!)
[personal profile] finnyacademic Dead fishboy
[personal profile] kaligulasenydreio Dead human boy
[personal profile] princeofmelodrama alive fishboy

Cronus "Please just fuck me up" Ampora
[personal profile] cardsharpadonis 

Gamzee Makara
[personal profile] bothme 

[personal profile] ghedegahenna 

OCs (or might as well be)

[personal profile] feedsmycontempt 

[personal profile] thefirstfallen 

Cassidy Turner
[personal profile] 1stbornextreme 

Bill Sheats
[personal profile] biteyarrg 

[personal profile] princeofgoblins 

Other canons

Invader Zim
Older Dib [personal profile] fearofpiggies 
Canon Dib [personal profile] agentm0thman 

Wolfwood [personal profile] holygunslinger 

Warm Bodies
[personal profile] shruggy 

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So I'm not entirely certain why you're looking over here.

Hi, though.
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[profile] swoooords

My musebox! For use by my puppets, for their day to day trivial jabbering.

Incidentally, they do a lot of that. Like, a lot.
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Woke up tired enough where I just made sure coffee was made before shuffling back off to bed for a couple hours.

Woke up with the phone ringing. Pretended as convincingly as possible that I was completely coherent and had been awake for hours. Now I'm conscious again, barely awake, trying to get a grip on the day.

And what's worse is that I know I was having an awesome dream, but now I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.
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I barely ever get onto this journal, yet I have the strangest compulsion to keep adding icons to my icon list. I don't know what that says about me.
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On Teja's Facebook, Teja is dressing up as Glenn Danzig for Halloween. Being the impatient sort of character that he is, Teja writes:
"What the fuck does this tattoo say? Ugh. Fuck it. I'm just going to make it say donkey tits. Sorry Glenn."

This arose from that:
me:  one day, Glenn Danzig will run across this, and go "Hrmmm. Donkey tits." and the next day, the paps will take photos of him with his new stunning chest-hair festooned tattoo that sprawls in a majestic font - DONKEY TITS.
 Sacha:  fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff xDDDDDD
 me:  and the circle will be complete. Birds will sing, people in Alabama will cradle their shotguns with love, and Elton John will write a ballad about it.
... which will promptly be covered by Bodom.
 Sacha:  too true, man xD;
 me:  The end.
 Sacha:  xDD
best story evar~
 me:  It's quarter of 5, I'm surprised I'm coherent.
 Sacha:  same here, man
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I just wrote a note to one of my character's PBs and now I really hope he doesn't like, call me a spaz or tell me to stop using his face or something.

I mean, I know I'm a spaz, but I like his face. I don't want to stop looking at it!

... what if he finds this ohgod.

Sapphrine, if you're reading this, um. Hi. :D
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I hate today.

Not a great song, but totally appropriate for what I'm feeling. I set my alarm for 9am, and yes, I woke up, but I really did not want to get out of bed because first thing, I had an anxiety attack. Then when I finally pried myself out of bed an hour later, I realized why. I missed my meds yesterday AND I'M BLEEDING OH FUCKING JOY.

So instead of panicking like some kind of spaz, I decided to take out all my nervous energy on my son's room. Every toy is now fucking sparkly clean. TAKE THAT, DIRT.

And now I need to go do laundry because there's literally nothing more I can do until my man gets his shit together and puts his shit where it belongs. Our bedroom is a disaster area and it PISSES ME OFF.

etc and sundry.

Why do I only ever post on this thing when I'm complaining. This must be my complain box.


Yeah, today sucked monkey nards. After the laundry's done, I'm so passing out. Fuck today.


10/5/10 09:32
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I'm so pissed off, y!Gallerians. Why? Because rather than being like a porn-allowing deviantART, y!Gallery's mods and users actually enforce their rules! I am now going to spend two whole paragraphs yelling about how I didn't even BREAK rule ___ while I full well know that's not why my picture was reported.

A derpy derpy der, dee teedley tum de derp. Derpa dee derp, derpy derpy derp dee teedley tum! (This goes on for an hour and a half and stars Rob Schneider.)

Oh and now they suspended me! Grand! Know what? Instead of acting like an adult, I'll throw a hissy fit on another site that y!Gallery mods are unfair! Of course, when they do their jobs with people I don't like, I'm all for it, but when my buddies or I get penalized for breaking the rules, they're the worst kind of evil ever! I love living by a double standard! Lookit me go!

True artists need no rules! I'm a true artist! I'm awesome! Love me!


ASCII hearts,
Speshul Snowflake
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Hey people, have you got any comments, questions, concerns, critique or crackahol for my puppets? If so, please tag them here. I'll try to add everyone I currently play on here.

If you have any questions to the pups directly, I'll try to answer them IC to the best of my ability. I EXPECT THIS POST TO BE COMPLETELY EMPTY BECAUSE NOBODY USES HMD POSTS LOL.
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Drunky icons in the comments because I just saw a strange recurring theme in them.
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Because I can't. I want someone to come play Zim over at UTR. I even did the job of making some little kid all green and earless/noseless for you!  Original icons are courtesy of [personal profile] mhari and I did some shoopin'.

Here's the icons, admittedly suckish but I figure if you can do better, you will.
I refuse to do any more until I know we'll have someone playing Zim.

I'd do it myself, but I'm already playing Dib, and playing them both would sort of defeat the purpose of playing either of them.
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I never update here, I always update my yGallery journal lulz. It's because I'm always on an RP journal and not this one.

Is it just me or is it hilarious whenever any cartoon squirrel makes a joke about nuts? "I'm tryin' to find my nuts!" lol irl.

I'm currently sick with a head cold. It makes my thoughts all incoherent and blarky.
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It has come to my attention that a few friends probably haven't seen the collabs that Sacha and I did of Cassidy. Mostly because I frequently only post my art to yGallery. Soooo here's some of that stuff. Some are banana stickered for... obvious reasons.

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Man, I'm in this teapot and I can feel the tempest already brewing. It'll be November 8th when the new (half hour long!) episodes of Metalocalypse start airing. The album is out, the boys are touring, and lately, there's been a great demand for attention in fandomsecrets and fandomwide.

This is what happened last season, too. The album came out, the boys started touring, and people got antsy to see season two. So antsy, in fact, that they started getting riled up and began to start throwing temper tantrums over the littlest things. Things got out of control in the fandom and eventually, our fen was strifey and gross.

So I'm seeing it occur again.

Okay, I love tolerate everyone in this fandom with as much tolerant sweetness as I can muster, and I feel like I should say my two cents' worth. Mind you, this is only opinion. I am opining. This am not facts. I ain't reads about it on the webberblag.

1. Nobody cares about who you ship or who you don't. There's 5 band members, 1 Ofdensen, and a plethora of other people to choose from, mostly male. No. Body. Cares. The fandom is small and yes, there's various OTPs, but ship wars are fucking retarded and your ship doesn't mean jack, honestly. Unless and until there's some canonical proof that any of them sucks a dick, stop bitching.

2. If you do not contribute to the fandom, do not bitch about those who do. It's a pretty simple thing. There have been EPIC failures at life in the fandom who HAVE contributed, but they're doing more than you backseat drivers. Driving out talent will make this fandom rot.

3. By dramabombing the community with your own petty remarks, you too, are cheapening the fun. Good job.

4. Your e-penis is no larger than my thumb. My e-penis wraps around the world a few times. This mentality will get me and others so pissed off, you have no idea. Please refrain from being THAT guy. You suck, they suck, we all suck a big fat dick. Everyone here is equal.

5. Please stop bickering about OCs now. Your OC sucks. My OC sucks. They're all fail and awful and bad. Even if they're pretty and well written. They are the same level of shitty. Every single one of them. Even Teja. Even Nix. Even Janet. There! That solves that. (Note: I do not believe a word of what I just wrote, but for the sake of argument, if someone bitches about another OC, I will bring this up)

6. Only Brendon and Tommy know. You don't. Stop deluding yourself.

7. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED BY THE MIGHTY METAL OVERLORDS. Remember, they have internet access and wi-fi on their busses. Who's to say that they're NOT surfing your porn.

8. Yeah, I ran out of things to say.

So anyway, that's my take on it. Feel free to kick my ass in comments.
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Please, if you value your sanity, do not look at this chart.